Milton Soother Steriliser – Review

Milton Soother Steriliser - Review

So I thought I would start with a review of the latest gimmick on the market for new mum, the Milton soother steriliser.
This was a great novelty for the first week or two and is handy for when you are out and about. The design is sleek and stylish and you can have blue,pink or a nice neutral green. When I had my daughter six weeks ago it was the first thing I went to look for. It was sold out of almost every local shop and chemist which made me want it even more…that must mean it is a fantastic invention that I couldn’t live without..right? – WRONG.
Like most mums I sterilise all our soother in the steam steriliser while I am doing the bottles, this sterilises them for 24 hours. All the soothers we bought came with their own handy plastic tub for storage. I didn’t think of this at the time but the soothers are perfectly safe for the day without needing this new invention!
It comes with a pack of Milton mini sterilizing tablets which is fine until you lose the tiny packet and go to look to buy them on their own – nowhere in my area stocked just the mini tablets!
The milton soother steriliser quickly became nothing more than a pram decoration.
I had a soother inside for a few days as I had forgotten about it but my daughter opened it yesterday and it had started to grow mould!! YUCK! – It is now a decoration in our kitchen bin along with the soother that was inside. Imagine I hadn’t noticed the mould growth and put it in my baby’s mouth? All in all I think it is a waste of €9.99 but I would love you to share your experience 🙂


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