Fat Free Cream Cheese…The Recipe

OK first of all sorry for the delay with this but I was trying to find fat free natural yogurt all weekend and none of my local shops had it in stock. To make this recipe fat free this the yogurt you need to use…I will be using low fat for the above reasons but the process and results will be the same.

This is what you will need:

500ml tub of fat free natural yogurt
1/2 tsp salt
Dash of pepper
One clove of garlic – depending on taste


Large bowel
Small bowel
A tin to use as a weight
Muslin cloth or the foot of an old (clean) pair of tights


First empty the yogurt into a bowel and mix in the salt, garlic and pepper. The salt is to help the curd separate from the whey and you won’t taste it in the cheese. I am using garlic and pepper to flavour my cheese but you can use anything you want…chilli, fresh herbs, whatever you fancy.



When you have given the ingredients a really good mix you need to set up your “cheese maker”.
Place the sieve on top of the large bowel and line the sieve with the muslin or tights.


Pour your mixture into the muslin.


Twist up your muslin and give a little squeeze. Place your second bowel on top and your weight on top of that. You will need a big shelf free in your fridge!


This will encourage the separation of curds and whey until you are left with cheese! It takes over night in the fridge. You can then wrap your cheese in cling film and twist into a tight roll. The consistency should be dry and a little crumbly like goats cheese.

Also please note that the flavours you add will intensify a lot! I like garlic but if you want a milder taste add less. You might have to play around with the recipe until you find the one you like.


I will update with a pic of the finished product in the morning 🙂

I would love to hear from any of you who give this a go..it is so very worth it. Something so nice about making your own cheese!

Just wanted to add a couple of things…
1. I just checked my cheese after 5 hours and its creamy like cream cheese. I prefer mine to have a more crumbly texture so will leave it another 5 hours. I advise checking every so often and tasting until you have the consistency you want.
2. After tasting its very strong so I will reduce the amount of garlic to one clove next time 🙂

Breakfast Time ….Yum

It turned out really well so well in fact kids took it to school for lunch and hubby had some with crackers last night!


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