Fake KFC Chicken Recipe

OK, so I have heard about this recipe for a few years via various social media and forums. I finally decided to try it and while it didn’t taste exactly like fried KFC chicken it did make me feel very bold and provided that salty spicy fix. Give it a go and see what you think. The family loved it 🙂


Chicken strips/breasts/drummers
Bovril chicken paste in a jar
Garlic flakes (optional)
Chilli flakes
3/4 sachet of instant mash potato
2-3 eggs depending on consistency (I used 2)


Boil your chicken for about 20 mins and let cool.



While your chicken is on the boil prepare your mix.
Put the instant mash, Bovril and spices in a dish and mix. Then add your egg.


Your mixture should look something like this.



Spray a baking tray with frylite


Then start to coat your cooled chicken with the mix…it gets very messy and sticky and is difficult to completely coat the chicken but its fun and the kids will love it!

Put your oven onto its highest setting and place your tray in to bake for about 15 mins. This is only a guide but once the coating is crispy and dry it should be ready.
I made two trays.


Very tasty… I removed salt from the recipe as I felt there was enough in the Bovril paste.
You can replace the instant mash with breadcrumbs or even cous cous whichever you have to hand or prefer.

I made sweet potato wedges to go with mine 🙂 hope you enjoy 🙂


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