Coffee Table Up-cycle Project

My sister was throwing out her solid wood coffee table a few months back and we hadn’t got round to buying one so I took hers with all the intentions of upcycling it to match our living room.

I was pregnant at the time so it kinda for delayed until recently.

I finally decided to paint it (after toying with the idea of decoupage for ages!).

It isn’t finished just yet as the weather here hasn’t been reliable enough to leave it outside for any length of time and the paint fumes are too strong with a newborn in the house. I am hoping to complete it this week!
Please don’t hold me to this – I am a serial procrastinator!!

My living room is really dark. Dark furniture , dark fireplace etc so I decided to paint it in an off white/cream. I got a new paint being sold in the local hardware which promises that no primer is required.


This is what the coffee table originally looked like


I had removed the two pieces of extremely heavy glass at this point!

Even though the paint said I didn’t have to sand I decided to do it anyway just to be sure!



I used fine sand paper just to rough it up and give the paint something to stick to.

(As you can see I started this project in doors and then realised the strength of the paint – I did eventually move out doors 🙂

When it was all sanded I put on a very quick first coat.


I have since put on a second coat but it looks like it will probably need another two!


I am starting to see what the finished result will be. Had I have been more observant I wouldn’t have gone for a gloss paint. I think the shiny display at the hardware for this amazing new paint dazzled me :).

I really hope now that I have blogged this project I will finish it. I have learnt over the years of starting projects of this nature that patience is the greatest tool required, a virtue I really lack but it can be learned so bare with me folks! I will update asap!

Finally finished and I love it


2 thoughts on “Coffee Table Up-cycle Project

  1. You must finish, I really want to see a complete before/after photo now!! I love seeing how people take old pieces of furniture and make them look so good! You have a newborn though so you are allowed to procrastinate for at least a few months if you so choose. 🙂

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