Don’t eat anything with ingredients you wouldn’t find in your cupboard!


I have gone crazy this week baking bread… Many different recipes, rye, bagels, standard white, white with wholemeal, rye with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, rye with honey and spelt!! It has gone down a treat in the house with everybody. Kids take it to school to show it off to their friends!

I sat down last night and decided to read the ingredients in a standard white sliced loaf, to say I was shocked is an understatement!

I really must be very naive if I have never noticed how many additives and preservatives are in the humble sliced pan. The one I have lived on most of my life, the one I toasted for children when they were learning to eat solids…thinking it was healthy. I mean what are mono diglycerides anyway??

Don’t get me wrong I am not a health freak and I don’t normally tend to get on my soap box about things like this but after finding that bread only needs three or four ingredients that are cheap and healthy and easy to source as well as the bread being easy to produce I can’t help but wonder why there isn’t more emphasis put on baking your own.

I guess mass produced chemical laden  bread is a huge industry and a great money spinner for both company and government. Sad really….

Anyway I just wanted to at least try and make even one person aware of how wonderful and easy it is to produce your own bread and know exactly what your feeding your family. There will definitely never be another shop bought loaf in my home that’s for sure!





3 thoughts on “Don’t eat anything with ingredients you wouldn’t find in your cupboard!

    • Hi Sasha…I have been doing everything from scratch. Got most ingredients from a local health store. The only thing that is a pain is waiting for the first rise. Other than that it has been very easy. I have never even seen a bread maker! Do they reduce the wait time? X

      • You know I do not know all the details because it has been so long since I used to watch my mom use it. I think though, but don’t quote me, you simply mix the ingredients and put it into the maker? I know it definitely does all the kneading for you.

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