Jens Thai Red

As I am weight watching at the moment I have had to tweak s few of my favourite curries (not much). I wasn’t sure about this one with the addition of squash but it turned out very nice!

Serves Six

700gr of diced chicken breast (no skin)
Half a 200gr jar of Thai red curry paste
1 can of low fat coconut milk
1 red pepper deseeded and diced
1/4 of a large butter nut squash diced
1 thumb sized piece of ginger finely chopped


To avoid the use of any additional oil I have reversed the cooking of this a little. Where I normally fry off the chicken and veg and then add paste and coconut milk I have brought the coconut milk and paste to a simmer first. About 3 minutes should do it.

Then add your chicken and simmer for about 10 mins until chicken is cooked through.

Add veg and ginger and simmer for a further twenty mins until the sauce has reduced slightly.

Serve with rice.





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