Not your typical Yogi!


Good morning all 🙂

So as this posts suggests I do not fit the image of your typical yogi but since having my baby my joints are really painful (fingers, wrists, ankles and knees). It doesn’t seem to be improving at all and as osteoarthritis runs in my family I am getting concerned that it is creeping up on me already! I really don’t like to take pills on a regular basis so I am avoiding the doctor on this one for the time being and trying to see if the situation can be rectified by me first.

I had been doing kettlebells and TRX before I became pregnant and although I really enjoyed it the training was very tough on my joints so I don’t want to return to classes just yet. While searching the net for exercise programs to help with joint and muscle issues Yoga just kept coming up. I have never even attempted a yoga class before. Anyway I got onto youtube and came across a great VLOG series called “Yoga with Adriene” which seems like a really good place to start. There are lots of videos for beginners and she has a really gentle way of introducing the novice to the practice.

I decided to start today, and try the same video (as adriene recommends) every day for one week just to see how I feel at the end. I think that it is probably a good idea for me to document and what better place to do so then my blog 🙂 so here goes!!

I began with a basic 20 minute video for complete beginners where I was introduced to some poses, easy pose, warrior, downward dog (man they have some funny names :))…. Just to note I do not own any yoga mats, blocks or other fancy equipment I just used a throw from the sofa and a cushion. I didn’t even really need them.

I have to say I really enjoyed it. The poses did push me a little more than I expected and it was confirmed to me just how NOT flexible I am, not to mention how bad my posture is – like really, really bad!

The first thing I have noticed is that immediately my chest is opened up and I can breathe better, I am actually quite shocked that it has had such an effect so quickly. I can breathe much deeper than before, it feels…well, bloody fantastic!

The second thing is that even as I am sitting here typing I feel the urge to straighten my spine and correct my posture. My eldest daughter even commented on how straight I looked. I understand that this will probably wear off throughout the day but it really has made me want to do it again tomorrow!

and not forgetting the mindful bit…I do feel at one with the world and very relaxed….for now anyway! (I have a sick 12 year old to look after today :))

Namaste peeps

BTW should any of you feel the urge to join me on my new journey please check out my new guru at where you will find lots of free advice and info on yoga practice. She really makes you feel like she could be your best friend 🙂

Decided to push myself a little today and did Adriene’s 40 minute video. It was really tough but enjoyable. I did break a sweat which people don’t normally associate with yoga. There were still the basic beginner poses and I found a little rhythm in my movement which was good. I tried really hard to concentrate on form.

Afterwards I felt very “light”, relaxed and again found my breathe was coming a lot easier also again I am very aware of my posture and found myself correcting it as I sat throughout the day. This morning I am a little sore…like after a gym session but its not as severe and feels kind of nice! Not that I am a sadist or anything but you know what I mean 🙂

I stumbled across a book in my local bookstore yesterday which was on sale for 10e.

It is huge! I will probably never read every page but has some fantastic illustrations and guides through each pose as well as a 20 week course. I think I will start to do this in conjunction with Adriene’s videos after this first initial week. It seemed that everywhere I looked online B.K.S Iyengars name kept cropping up and it also seems he is considered the godfather of asanna yoga. The guru of all gurus so to speak. So it seemed I was destined to find this book at this point 😉

Have a mindful day all 🙂


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