Weaning Baby battle with “styles”!

Sorry I have been off the radar for a while…we have had a lot going on. The baby was christened last week and we had a huge party to plan…I also took on the task of making her cake!


Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have spent weeks searching online threads and forums regarding weaning. Baba is five months now and after receiving conflicting information from doctor and various PHNs I decided to try and figure it out myself.

When my older girls were babies weaning was recommended from 3 months and it was all about the spoon and baby rice. It was refreshing to see that nowadays parents have many choices when it comes to weaning and I developed and interest in “baby led weaning” basically this means that baby takes the lead, you wait until 6 months and skip spoon feeding and purees completely. Baby is offered foods they can hold and feed themselves. I joined an online group and watched the different posts and opinions for a couple of months. To say I was shocked and horrified by some mothers comments to other mother’s would be an understatement!

Women going online to ask questions and learn were being abused for not “following the rules” of baby led weaning! One woman posted a picture of her little one having a taste of chocolate and the comments that were made to her were just disgusting.  Another woman was concerned that her husband didn’t want to follow baby led and all of the advise basically told her to ignore her husband! I mean, my god, he is the child’s father!!

I decided there and then not to become involved with this group and that I would combine elements from baby led and standard weaning. I was not going to be bullied and forced to feed my child in any one particular way.

So I tried baby with some rice a couple of weeks ago and she had no interest so I decided to wait until six months but a few days ago while I was eating my breakfast she kept trying to eat it!

Bingo! She’s ready 🙂 she had a small bowl of baby rice and didn’t spit or dribble once…the tongue thrust reflex is gone which means she can swallow the food without forcing half of it back out.  I am so glad I waited those extra couple of weeks. It has made all the difference. She will also hold a donut peach and have a good ole suck which is just beautiful to watch.

Combing both concepts is really working for my baby and we are delighted with her progress. I am also delighted that I didn’t give in to the pressure of that group in order to be what they consider a good mother!

My advice to anybody starting to wean their little one is to  read all the information you can gather long before you start weaning and decide what you feel will work for you and your baby. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with. Once you are following the standard guidelines, experiment and most of all enjoy…it is a wonderful experience watching your baby eating and enjoying food for the first time.


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