I’m sorry but life had me distracted for a while!



I woke up on New Years Day and decided to make a list of my resolutions, just like most people I suppose. This year I wanted them to be different. A set of easy to achieve targets that would have the biggest amount of impact on my life in 2015. It went a little something like this:

1. Read more
2. Spend less time on facebook
3. More family time
4. Find time to blog again
5. Take more photographs
6. Give up alcohol for January
7. Get back to practicing Yoga
8. Drink less coffee and more water
9. Find more time to be creative
10. Visit the dentist
11. Make a proper attempt to quit smoking before baby turns 1

I have already been able to cross some of these off which really makes me feel empowered. Unfortunately I had to return to work full time after my maternity leave ended in September, all the great things I had discovered during the time off from work quickly dissipated and I began to quickly slip back into being a tired, grumpy mess. I kept telling myself I would try and find a way to reduce my hours but I just kept making excuses not to bring it up. (I think I was just afraid of what I would do if I was told no!)

Finally, thanks to most of my resolutions pointing toward the fact I required more “time”, I had a chat with my manager and we agreed for me to work a four day week with the option of sometimes doing only three, depending on my workload.

So, I am back – feeling positive and looking forward to catching up on the blogs I follow and hopefully sharing some more posts for you guys to enjoy 🙂


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